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Loan plan is a great application which helps you to manage your budget efficiently. It allows you to evaluate whether or not a loan is a good deal.

If you are interested in buying the last flat tv screen, a quick and easy simulation on Loan Plan will tell you if you can afford it.

Price : $4.99

For all your loan projects and mortgages, Loan Plan is a must-have.

· Calculate schedule of payments and balance monthly and yearly

· Export and email the full amortization table with all the loan’s characteristic up to 3 formats : PDF, HTML and TXT which you can directly import into your favorite spreadsheet application

· Pick a starting date for your loan

· Details of the interest and principal payments monthly and yearly

· 3D Chart representation of interest and principal part

· Chart showing how the interest proportion evolves during your loan

· Determine your loan's cost (total interests paid)

· Calculate your monthly credit capacity including your current loans

· Save your simulation by loan’s type and by bank

· Compare, reorder or delete your saved loans

· Display amounts with your local currency


New features to come :

· Browse into your contact list to pick directly the email address

· Support to new export formats

Compute your Loan Capacity

· DTI is set to determine the allowed Debt-to-income ratio. It is normally between 28% and 36%


· Your global credit capacity

· Your current DTI

· The amount you can use each month for a new loan (if displayed in red then your DTI is above the maximum set)




· Total amount to borrow

· Period in years

· Annual interest rate

· Loan start date (optional)


· Monthly payment

· 3D chart indicating Interest/Capital proportion computed for the loan’s period

· Total interest paid during the loan

·  Direct access to Amortization Table

Save a simulation

· Loan Name

· Bank name (optional)

· Loan’s type (car, house, cash…)

Amortization Table

· Loan’s characteristics

· 2D Chart representing Interest proportion evolution throughout the loan’s period

· Amortization sheet per year and month  (by touching the dedicated year)

Allows to export the  amortization sheet in several formats and receive it by email

File Export

· Email you wish to send to

· Export format PDF, HTML, TXT (projected size is displayed to inform you the time it could take

· Send or Back button


· Ordered by category

· Edit button allows to reorder inside a category or to delete an item

· Main loan’s characteristics displayed

· Quickly see the main differences between two simulations

· Touching a Loan  redirects to Loan Simulation Tab with the saved characteristics

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